Energy Healing Sessions

My name is Sunna and I offer Reiki sessions, Access Bars® sessions, Access Body processes and a mix to your requirements, in my home in Keflavík, Iceland, or through distance. I provide space for you and your body on your healing journey towards becoming more of the light, happy, joyful, content you that you truly are! I truly believe that we are not meant to function from a space of heaviness, stress, tiredness and aches and pains! I have come a long way in my own journey, and have discovered the space of me, the true lightness and joy of me that I choose to live from. Through the liberating Access Bars treatment, the relaxing and clearing Reiki energy and the many tools of Access Consciousness as well as my own awareness that I have now more access to than ever - I offer the same to you if you choose it! You can come to my healing table, request I come to you, or enjoy some of my online offerings through space and time from your own home, and let’s ride the waves!

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Gift Certificates

Any service can be purchased as a gift certificate and gifted to those close to you! The certificate can be used anytime within two months. A gift of relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. How does it get better than that? Like any other bookings, the gift certificates are booked via email (for now). Click here to purchase or book.

Certification Classes

When I started choosing to take classes and courses on my own, my healing journey and growth really kicked off. In my classes you learn hands-on tools you can use every day to take care of your mental health, enhance your awareness, and to play with energies! You learn to work on bodies, yours and others’, and to live from and be the question. I offer these classes in person and virtually, and soon I will offer the option of buying a pre-made course packages that include videos, audios and pdf manuals if you choose to learn on your own pace.
I am teaching the classes at home in Keflavík Iceland these days, but if you want a class in your home or in a specific destination I am happy to come to you, just email me and we will talk!

Classes I offer are:
Reiki I & II Certification - Virtually or in person.
Access Bars® Certification Class - In person, contact me for virtual inquiries.

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Healing Products

Sage - Audio

Sounds of my sage bundle and some Japanese incence.
Length: 23:32

Nut Shells - Audio

Sounds of my nut shell bracelet.
Length: 18:43

Drum - Audio

Sounds of my shamanic reindeer drum. Light strokes and light tapping. Healing frequencies.
Length: 13:45

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Healing videos

On my youtube channel I create relaxing Reiki healing videos in an asmr style. Creating and expressing through film is a great joy for me and the distance Reiki flows strongly to whomever tunes in to watch the videos, whenever and wherever in the world - for free!

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If you know me from my youtube channel and like my style and my methods, you can order a specialised short version, custom to your needs and requests, on the Wisio platform. Visit my page to learn more...

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