Healing, Consciousness & Growth

for energy-sensitive souls, empaths, autistics, ADHDers, HSPs, and other energetically aware beings.

Sustainable stress-free living requires both logical action and allowance

Welcome to a space of healing and transformative growth for sensitive beings. My name is Sunna and I am an intuitive healer from Iceland. I offer intuitive energy healing sessions where I work with light codes and the spirit realm, and guidance through lesson videos on your way to stress-free living. There is no 'one fits all' when it comes to eliminating stress and anxiety, as it all depends on past experiences, neuro-types, mental/physical illnesses, other minority groups, and what your aspirations are in life. We celebrate it all here.

We are taught to disregard our knowing and to not listen when our body is guiding us. I am here to remind you just how much you know, and to guide you towards ease for your body and being, and what is required for that to be your new norm. I am big on being in balance between the logical and the dreamy, to be real with where we are at now and take action based on that, as well as being open to big changes towards what you truly want to have and embody in this life. First and foremost I want you to be in a space of relaxation on this journey while we build a foundation for your dream way of living - that way everything flows better, and you feel better on they way.

Heal the wounds.
Claim your worth.
Commit to you.
Upgrade your life.

To be sensitive and to thrive is possible for you.

To be energy sensitive and traumatised is a pretty intense mix, and is very misunderstood, both in the mental health and spiritual world. I'm here to guide you through it, so you can thrive with all the magical hidden energies, without them constantly draining you.

With a powerful balance of the cosmic, and the earthly.. we will access the key to YOU.

We can tap into that power..

..so you can use your gifts as strengths and to your advantage, and not the other way around. My name is Sunna and I am an intuitive healer who through the years has identified with the words sensitive, empath, aware, psychic, and lately autistic - which has been the biggest revelation. Energy is my first language and understanding energy, and how sensitivities to energies and trauma plays together in this world we are brought up in has given me access to the driver's seat of my own life and to what is possible...

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Learn to set boundaries in your personal relationships and/or in business in this self-paced online course.
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Join my 3 month program where we heal on a cellular level, and re-program our DNA with potent and powerful energy light codes.
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Join my 6 month healing container, a group program for those who are willing to commit to change and healing.
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Learn these easy tools to strengthen your connection to Earth, your body, and the universe.. Self-paced mini-course.
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Ready for a big change?
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Want to Join my Online Membership?

Would you like a big, sustainable and long-term change?

I have an online group program that you can join as a membership, to finally stop the anxiety, to learn to work with your energetic awareness, your sensitivities, transmute trauma, and prioritise ease and magic into your life..

1:1 Healing Sessions in Iceland

Is your body asking for yummy energy? Craving touch? Would you like more ease right away, to transmute trauma, as well as deep relaxation for your being and body? If you'd like to receive a Reiki session, an Access Bars Session, or Sunna's intuitive mixed session in person, purchase a session below, and book a time slot via email (sunna@houseofreiki.is).

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing method from the early 1900s, where the practitioner allows the Reiki energy to run through their body and into the receiver's body, relaxing the receiver and flushing out stagnant energy from the physical body as well as the emotional and etheric body. A session is deeply relaxing and can also be a deep spiritual experience. People have healed trauma, lessened panic attacks and symptoms of ptsd, healed physical ailments and pain, as well as simply increased their energy levels with a few or regular sessions. This method can be performed through distance, or in person.
Access bars, or 'the bars', are 32 points on the head that store points of view, considerations and trauma, and as they are gently touched throughout a 1 hour session, start dissipating any points of view you have at that time, and anything that isn't you! A session is deeply relaxing, and is the easiest and quickest way to access consciousness, ease, joy and glory - and the true you. You can either purchase a single or a set of sessions, or you can take a 1 day Access Bars class where you learn this simple method, and therefore can swap sessions with others for free as many times as you'd like. A session is only performed in person.

Certification Classes

When I started choosing to take classes and courses on my own, my healing journey and growth really kicked off. In my classes you learn hands-on tools you can use every day to take care of your mental health, enhance your awareness, and to play with energies! You learn to work on bodies, yours and others’, and to live from and be the question and the true space of possibility. I offer these classes in person in downtown Keflavík, Iceland these days - if you want a class in your home or in a specific destination I am happy to come to you, just email me and we will talk!

Classes I offer are:
Reiki I & II Certification - Virtually or in person.
Access Bars® Certification Class - In person, contact me for virtual inquiries.

Press learn more below to see dates and more information for upcoming classes.

I am currently accepting bookings for learning Access Bars with me 1:1 (or more if you have friends or family members who want to learn it with you). If you don't, I might pair you with another person to learn with you. I am in Keflavík, Iceland and you will learn in my healing room! Contact me via email or social media, and we'll find a day for you 🦋

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Ready for a big change?
Watch this and get an idea of what we can do together

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