Sessions & Prices

Access Bars®

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when touched lightly start dissipating stuck energy behind points of views, trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression, and anything that is holding you back from the magic and the ease you truly are. Click here to learn more about the Bars.

1 hr: 9.000 kr 7000 kr
1 1/2 hr: 12.000 kr
- In person only.

Reiki & Sound

In this session I channel the deeply relaxing and restoring reiki energy to you and your body where you get to a state where your body knows what to do for you. The session, whether performed in person or remotely, is deeply relaxing, grounding, clearing and centering as well as relieving aches and pains. There is not an area where reiki can’t be a good hand to hold on your healing journey. The session ends with the healing sounds of himalayan and crystal singing bowls (if in person, if remotely I prefer not using video and therefore not singing bowls).

30 mins: 3500 kr - 5000 kr ($30 - $45)
1 hr:
9.000 kr ($85)
1 1/2 hr: 13.000 kr ($110)
Remotely or in-person
There is also an option to by a custom reiki video in the 'products' section of the website.

Access Body Processes

There is so much trauma that we hold on to in our bodies. Access Body Processes turn on specific energies already within your body, while Reiki is channeled to your body. These processes unlock tension, resistance and dis-ease in the body by shifting energy dynamically and therefore allowing your body to get back to its thriving state. I offer four different body processes, and you body knows which one of these it requires. I simply follow the energy and allow your body to do the magic.

50-60 min Session - In person only

9000 kr
Package of 3 Limited Offer: 22.500 kr

MTVSS is a great tool for undoing for almost any way the body is malfunctioning. It can do great things for the immune system, and can undo ways that our bodies have been altered throughout all time, space dimensions and realities.

Cellular Memory works on the scar tissue in the body and is great for undoing the effects of trauma in the body. When we run the process, we erase the memory of the trauma that the cell has not let go of.

Biomimetic mimicry is where we mimic the psychology and the physiology of somebody else and lock it in our bodies, so it’s with us all the time. This can be undone with the body process, Biomimetic Mimicry.

During this process the molecules in your body are actually being restructured, so anything can be manifested in a different way than before.

Custom Session

Here we have a space of finding out together a custom session or a set of multiple sessions where we tend to your specific needs or desires. Whether it be a mixture of two or more methods, some verbal processes or all of the above. Consisting of a 20 minute call or a set of emails to plan and feel out which steps to take, and an hour to 90 min session or a set of sessions.

price varies

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Access Package of 3 (2 1/2 - 3 hrs)

22.500 kr

A set of 3 Access sessions (Access Bars & Body Processes).
In person. Can be done back to back or individually as separate sessions.

30 min Distance Reiki

3500 kr-5000 kr
Sliding scale

Remotely. Texts shortly before and after, otherwise no media used.

Refer a friend over to me for a 1:1 session, and I'll give you 25% off your next 1:1 session.
*applies to sessions that don't already have an offer.

In person or remotely.

Group Reiki Punch Card

$190 for 10 Admissions (you save $6 each time)

Regular Group Relaxation Events - Virtually through Google Meet while Covid is still going on!