4x Reiki-Infused Images & Accompanying Videos


I have infused magical Reiki into 4 images and 4 videos for you to really kick off your healing without having to spend a lot of money on healing sessions. During these 4 weeks you heal with Reiki on a cellular level, from the comfort of your home..

PDF Guide to Energy Healing


This is a beginner's guide to energy healing, what it is, how it works in the body and being, how you can use it for yourself, how to work with a practitioner, and more - for anyone interested in healing their past and interested in energy healing, but not knowing where to start!

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Timeless Upgrade Pre-Recorded Reiki Healing Session

Reiki healing and beyond.. This is a pre-made Reiki healing video where you get way more Reiki and energy healing than in my youtube videos, and a little less talking. It is a general session that you can watch over and over again.


Downloads or streaming
(appr. 4 GB if downloaded)
54 mins.


Audio Tracks


Sounds of my sage bundle and some Japanese incence.
Length: 23:32

eða u.þ.b. 750 kr


Nut Shells

Sounds of my nut shell bracelet.
Length: 18:43

eða u.þ.b. 750 kr



Sounds of my shamanic reindeer drum. Light strokes and light tapping. Healing frequencies.
Length: 13:45

eða u.þ.b. 750 kr


Asmr Reiki

Custom Video

eða u.þ.b. 52.000 kr

More affordable and shorter options can be found on my Wisio page, click here to check it out.

This is a very special video distance session that I create (or we co-create) specifically for you. A blend of getting a distance Reiki session and watching an ASMR video. Best of both worlds, right? I create these in the style of my usual videos but with your specific intentions, needs and desires as a focal point. I will also be tapping into your energy only, not everyone else's as well, like in my youtube videos. The style of the video (darkness vs. natural light, soft spoken vs. whisper, singing, singing bowls etc.) can also be co-created. Every suggestion is open and we will discuss details in emails after booking. You will be able to download your video within a week of booking, and you can watch it as many times as you want after that! It'll be 60-70 mins long.


My Music


This is Sunna's debut album. In this entirely acoustic, neo-classical chamber pop album, Sunna takes you into the mystical world of Enclose..



Let the Light in

Let the Light in was just released this January, 2021. Check out Sunna's powerful new album where she explores new dimensions and opens up new spaces...



Sheet Music

glimpse of serenity

'glimpse of serenity' is a piece for three flutes. This includes score & individual parts.


butterfly effect

'butterfly effect' is a piece for three flute players, divided into three chapters, and each chapter has its own set of flutes:
I: Cocoon (alto flute + bass flute + contra flute)
II: Kaleidoscope (piccolo flute + alto flute + bass flute)
III: Flutter (three normal C flutes)
Score, individual parts & instructions.


through the haze

'through the haze' is a piece for solo flute and drone.
This includes score, mp3 drone and instructions.


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